How do I use Fillr on my desktop Computer?

To use Fillr on your desktop or laptop computer, you will need to be using either the Chrome or Edge browser. We have developed Fillr extensions which can be found in the Chrome Extension Store and the Edge Extension Store.

Once downloaded, Fillr can be triggered at any time by clicking the icon in your browser's toolbar (top right) or on any form by clicking the Autofill prompt after clicking into a field. Then simply follow the prompts to setup or fill.


How do I set up Fillr in Safari for my iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch?

Watch a quick 22 second set up video here or follow the steps below:

1. To set up Fillr in Safari, open Safari in your iOS device and tap the Share/Action button. It’s located at the bottom of your screen on an iPhone and the top of the screen on an iPad.

2. In the pop-up, swipe left on the bottom row of icons and tap ‘More’ (the row with ‘Add to Bookmarks’ and Print, etc. and NOT the row with Message, Mail and Facebook).

3. In the list of available extensions, turn the switch next to Fillr to on/green.

4. Drag Fillr to the top position so you’ll be ready to instantly fill the next form you get to.

How do I use Fillr in an Android device?

If you haven’t downloaded Fillr yet you can tap the Fillr icon and prompt on the keyboard in any of our Android partner browsers and you’ll be directed to Fillr on the Google Playstore and guided through the quick set up process.

If you’ve already downloaded Fillr from the Playstore it’s ready to use in any of our Android partner browsers. Just tap into any field on the form you want to fill, tap the Fillr icon on the keyboard and follow the prompts to fill the form.

As an iOS user, do I need to use Safari to use Fillr?

Fillr works perfectly as an extension in Safari, however, you can also use Fillr in any of our iOS partner browsers. In our partner browsers, the Fillr icon is more conveniently located on the keyboard whenever you tap into any field on the form you want to fill. 

Which browsers can I use Fillr in? 

Fillr can be used on the following web browsers.

- Safari (iOS)
- Dolphin (iOS & Android)

Desktop Browsers:
- Google Chrome
- Microsoft Edge

Can I add new fields to the Fillr profile?

In order to ensure Fillr is as accurate and fast as possible, we use a set list of fields in the Fillr Profile. This list is based on the most common fields in 95% of web forms. However, if you have a field that you think may be useful in the Fillr app, please contact us and let us know! We love feedback and if there is sufficient demand for new fields or new features, we’ll definitely do our best to update Fillr accordingly.

I’ve set Fillr up in Safari, now how do I fill forms?

To use Fillr in Safari watch a quick 24 second video here or follow the steps below:

1. Tap the Share/Action button. It’s located at the bottom of your screen on an iPhone and the top of the screen on an iPad.

2. In the pop-up, tap the Fillr icon.

3. Enter your Fillr PIN. If you don’t want Fillr to prompt you for your PIN on every form you can switch this feature off on this screen:

4. Choose or edit the information you wish to send to the form. You can also enter your information on this screen and it will save to you Fillr profile ready for the next time you fill a form with Fillr.

5. Tap ‘Fill’ to fill the form.

Fillr didn’t work on a form I just filled. Can you fix it?

It may not seem it, but behind their seemingly simple façade, web forms are an ugly, complicated mess! For this reason, there are forms that Fillr may not work perfectly on (or at all, sorry!). Despite this, our technology is always improving, trying to make sense of the jumble of code that sits behind these forms. We also LOVE getting our hands dirty and making Fillr work on any form that our users bring to our attention. So please let us know when Fillr could have done a better job and we’ll endeavour to get it working for the next time you, or anyone else, tries to fill that form!

I’ve forgotten my Fillr PIN. Can I get a reminder?

At Fillr, security is our number 1 priority. Because the Fillr app can store some of your most personal data (only on your device), we want to ensure NO ONE ELSE can have access to it EXCEPT YOU. Because of this we do not store your PIN anywhere so we cannot tell you what it is if you’ve forgotten it. We’re sorry but we’re also not sorry – the security of your data is the most important thing to us!

If you’ve definitely forgotten your PIN, you’ll need to reinstall Fillr and set it up again. It’s quick and easy!

Does Fillr work in the Google Chrome mobile browser?

We’d love for you to able to use Fillr in Chrome. There is actually nothing stopping our technology from working in Chrome except for the small problem that Google doesn’t seem to want to open Chrome up to third-party extensions (the way Apple has done for Safari). Yes, we know, it seems silly. So why not let Google know by tapping the menu in Chrome (mobile) > Help & Feedback > Feedback, and writing something to the effect of: "Hey G! Please allow browser extensions in Chrome for Mobile!"

We’re keeping a close eye on this topic and if anything changes, we’ll let you know!

Can I use Fillr in the Facebook app?

At this point Fillr only works in mobile web browsers. Our future product roadmap has a big item highlighted saying ‘Fillr in APPS’ which will be pretty damn cool when it happens. Alas, for now there’s unfortunately no logging in or filling forms out within apps such as Facebook or Twitter. Stay tuned though… 

Does Fillr store passwords?

Although Fillr is not a password manager as such, it does provide you the ability to fill passwords on signup and login forms just like it does with your email address. 

Can I sync my Fillr profile with multiple devices?

Yes! Within the menu of the Fillr app there is a 'Sync' option which gives you the ability to import and export your Fillr profile to and from a Dropbox folder. So if you're wanting to sync between devices or even if you upgrade your device, simply export your Fillr profile to Dropbox and then import it back down to your new device. It's as easy as that!

Is Fillr free to download and use?

Fillr is 100% free to download and use. No catches, no gotchas, no advertising...nothing!

What languages does Fillr support?

Fillr is currently translated from English into Japanese, Chinese (Mandarin), Portuguese, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Russian and Korean.