Fillr, your partner-in-buying this holiday season!

Over the next two months US consumers will spend over 53.3 billion dollars online across millions of websites offering great deals in the lead up to Christmas... With so much of that traffic coming from mobile devices, the pain of tiny mobile web forms - with all that pinching, zooming and manual typing on minuscule keyboards - is highlighted most at this time of year… We say “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH” and would like to introduce Fillr: Autofill for Mobile.

Pic: Average time to complete a checkout form manually vs using Fillr

On average, US consumers will purchase up to 13 gifts online this season. With most of those purchases moving to mobile, that's a lot of time wasted manually typing on mobile checkouts. Use Fillr for those 13 purchases and save 2000 keystrokes!  Think about that… 1,2,3,4,5,…….2000!!

Fillr is here to fill those pesky checkout forms fast and hassle free! With a full Fillr profile, you will complete checkouts instantly with never-before-seen accuracy at the tap of a button! Gone are the days of tedious, fiddly typing. Gone are the days of unreliable autofill with its unpredictable outcomes and inaccurate filling.

So get ready this November and be prepared for Black Friday and Christmas Shopping with your new best friend, Fillr: Autofill for Mobile.