Why mobile autofill is like riding your bike at peak hour.

Not a bad way to start the day!

What’s not to like about riding your bike to work…it's fast, reliable and keeps you fit. Compared to cars, trains and buses, pedal power rules! The one thing better than beating peak hour traffic on a bike is in a helicopter… but I can’t see myself buying one of those anytime soon. So why is cycling like autofill on your mobile? Here’s why riding past cars stuck in traffic is awesome like Fillr...

Puts a smile on your face.

Happiness instantly hits me when I pedal past cars that are gridlocked in peak hour traffic. A huge wave of satisfaction as I look and smile at drivers… “good morning”. Fillr is the same. When you instantly fill in a mobile web form it’s fantastic. There is a feeling of not having wasted effort, like you’ve cheated the system and the other suckers out there haven’t caught up. So the next time you see a mobile form don’t fear... use Fillr and I guarantee you will smile!

Saves you time.

For me, riding to work is 140% faster than driving. I get to work in 25 minutes door-to-door. Saves me time plus keeps me fit and totally eliminates ‘road rage’. Whilst Fillr won’t help you with weight loss, it does save you an enormous amount of time and reduces the stress of filling out pesky web forms on your mobile. Fillr is super fast. It is 536% faster than typing and that doesn’t include the time fixing typos from manual input or pulling stuff out of your wallet or purse. Also, think about the wasted time if you miss out on the product because you were too slow. Now you will have to wait and wait… all this ‘waiting’ sounds like a car in the traffic huh?

Cruising past traffic.

Cruising past traffic.

What traffic?

What traffic?

Bike Computer = History.

I love my bike computer. It tells me how fast I’m going and how far I’ve travelled. Fillr has many similarities. Fillr tells you how many keystrokes you save with each fill, similar to a bike computer telling you how fast and far you have gone. Also, Fillr compiles a full history of all the forms you have filled so you know who you have given your important info to. So I’ve ridden 4,635 miles, filled 178 forms and saved 10,156 keystrokes. If my personal info ever changes (say, a new credit card or address) my Fillr history will tell me who has my old info and therefore who I need to update. My 4,635 miles aren’t as useful…but I guess they are bragging rights! Yeah, that’s nearly LA to NY and back!!!


Flexibility to go anywhere.

Sh#! happens and bikes can accommodate this. You can change your route, take a cheeky shortcut, ride on the grass or cruise a more scenic way just for fun. Filling out forms is not only a hassle but also requires you to provide different info depending on who you are giving it to. If you’re buying a ‘once off’ item from a dodgy website you’re probably not going to use your work email address and credit card. Similarly, if you’re booking stuff for work, such as flights, you want to make sure you don’t pay on your personal credit card. So flexibility is the key for every transaction. Fillr gives you this freedom, letting you choose the right combination of personal info per unique transaction.

Like the cycling craze, Fillr is growing and growing fast! We only launched in April this year and we have exceeded our own expectations. We have users all around the world and they love filling out forms. I don’t think anyone would have thought the words ‘love’ and 'form filling' would ever be used in the same sentence. With the world going more mobile, why not get Fillr and speed past the rest in the new digital world? Why not get a bike too and let's go for a ride... 

Merv Kuek COO at Fillr

Bike nerd in hi-viz?

Bike nerd in hi-viz?