Mobile website of the week: Sweepstakes from the world's most popular magazines!

Each week we recommend a mobile website we love. Many sites have a high frequency of return visits where repeatedly typing your information over and over becomes slow and tedious. However, with Fillr you could fill those forms over and over at a tap of a button. This weeks ‘mobile website of the week' is exactly that.

Hearst Magazines is one of the world's largest publishers of monthly magazines and through their Hearstmobile platform they host their magazines’ mobile sites. One of the exciting features about these sites is that they all run regular sweepstakes where ANYONE can enter and win GREAT prizes!

Try Fillr on any of the titles below! Watch the video for a demonstration of how quickly and easily you can fill in three sweepstakes on in much less time than it takes you to fill just one sweepstake manually!