iOS Update for Fillr: Version 1.0.0. Now for iPad too!

Fillr Version 1.0.0 on iPad Mini with Japanese localization, left.

Fillr Version 1.0.0 on iPad Mini with Japanese localization, left.

It's here! Fillr Version 1.0.0 is available on the App Store now and it's a big update! We’ve been working really hard to continually improve Fillr for our rapidly growing user base and we’re really excited about what’s new:

Dedicated iPad app 

We've redesigned Fillr especially for iPad and iPad mini. Navigation in the app and when filling forms in Safari has been optimized for iPad screen sizes and resolution, as well taking into account the usability differences between mobile and tablet. The main navigation has been broken into three categories: Profile, History and Settings. The design of Profile takes advantage of the extra screen space, allowing for clear transitioning between profile sections.


Fillr users are found all over the globe and so we now support Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese and  German. The whole app has been translated in all these languages with more to follow soon.

Big form filling improvements

Our amazing team of developers and engineers continue to make epic advancements in our technology. Thanks to our meticulous form mapping (or as our engineers call it, "Advanced Textual Heuristics")  and continued improvements in our machine learning tech, we are even more confident that we have the most accurate autofill technology in the world. We won’t stop till we’re perfect!

Thanks again for all your amazing support. Keep the feedback and ideas coming at All feedback is really appreciated and is integral in our ongoing improvement.

The Fillr team