Introducing Fillr: Autofill for mobile

Nearly two years ago, my best mate and business partner Chad and I started off on a journey that's resulted in countless stress filled days and sleepless nights!  Why? Well we wanted to build something that would eradicate the need for you to ever have to repeat filling out your personal information online ever again.  I mean we all hate filling stuff out, and doing this on your mobile takes that frustration to a whole new level.

We called it Pop!. We sold our previous startup, invested millions into making this new venture work, and even held a launch stunt that got people talking (though it still leaves a small lump in my throat).

Things went well at first. We had thousands of app downloads, and businesses everywhere were knocking on our door to talk to us. But we soon realised the product was way too complicated — great ideas typically do one thing exceptionally well, and for consumers, the primary function of Pop! wasn’t at all clear! However, our users did seem to gravitate towards one of the features we had built into our own mobile browser – this feature was next generation autofill for mobile that made shopping on your phone a breeze. Unfortunately even use of this feature was short lived as users subconsciously migrated back to the web browser that they used by default such as Safari.

Thankfully, things have changed! Late last year, Apple did a beautiful thing. It opened up iOS 8 to allow extensions in the Safari browser for iPhones. That meant that little piece of Pop! that users loved the most — autofill for mobile — could be used directly in the web browser that they use by default.

So today we’re launching Fillr.

The core problem we wanted to solve still remains: Shopping on your mobile sucks. Conversion rates on mobile, compared to desktop, are embarrassing to say the least! You spend all of your time pinching and zooming your tiny smartphone screen to fill out your information, your keyboard’s autocorrect misspelling your name and address, for what? We’ve got better ways to spend our time and so do you.

With Fillr, it’s dead simple. When you see a form on your iPhone, just hit the little action button at the bottom of Safari, and select Fillr.

It fills out the form in seconds, and it knows exactly what to put, where. If you’ve got two physical addresses — one for work and one for home — it knows which one to use and you can even mix and match as you please!

And it’s blisteringly fast. We’ve tested Fillr on more than 1.1 million forms across the web now. With old–school manual input it can take over 2 minutes to fill out the average mobile form on your iPhone but with Fillr, we’ve gotten that down to as little as 5 seconds.

A mobile form that uses WooCommerce, one of the most popular e-commerce platforms in the world, takes 1 minute 58 seconds if done manually. With Fillr it's just 13 seconds! That makes Fillr 808% faster.

Best of all, Fillr is constantly learning. As more and more people use Fillr to instantly fill checkouts on their mobile, it becomes more accurate, knowing how different checkouts and forms work and the best information to provide them.

We want to get this right. So today, we’re launching a public beta for Fillr that anyone can participate in. This will allow us to fine tune Fillr, make it perfect and ready for primetime.

Check out our quick, 30–second video here to see exactly how Fillr works.

So next time you're on your phone and you see an awesome pair of kicks or an epic pair of heels at 50% off in your size, don't waste time pinching or zooming or even looking for the nearest PC... Just fill it with Fillr!

Download it now.