How a Web Browser got One Million Downloads in less than a year...

November 2015 marked a milestone for one of our partners, Browser 4G, an extremely fast and user-friendly browser for Android devices (to view it in the Google Play Store click here).

The team at Zoomob launched Browser 4G 12 months ago and have crossed one million downloads in the Play Store in a much shorter time than even they expected (with an average 4-star rating from 13,000+ users).

The team never thought they’d achieve this result in such a short space of time, however, the hours they’ve spent on it has paid off and they’ve been kind enough to share some tips on how they did it:


1. Focus on app store optimization

Zoomob run their own mobile app consultation firm and have been providing App Store Optimization services since 2014.  They’ve helped more than 15 companies to successfully launch their app on the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store, in the process gathering millions of downloads.

They go as far as saying ASO (App Store Optimization) is just about the most important thing an app marketer should consider before launching any app. “If you are not optimizing your app store page you are definitely losing ground to your competitors,” says Vincent Law, CEO & Founder of Browser 4G (Zoomob/Soho Apps). A few things he recommends looking at are:

- App title
- Keywords
- Icon
- Screenshots

Mr. Law also suggests doing as many A/B tests as possible and optimize everything until it’s clear your users like it. “You will see dramatic improvement in your download numbers if you do it right,” he adds.


2. Work with a good partner

In late July 2015, Fillr and Browser 4G teamed up to bring a superior browser to the market. Law says of the partnership:

“We partnered with Fillr, an autofill plugin, integrating it into our browser to make it more powerful. The integration is seamless and took the functionality of our browser to a whole new level. Some of our users describe Fillr as a ‘super weapon’ for autofill, saving them a huge amount of time when filling address/credit card details.”

By having a unique proposition (especially one that many competitor browsers don’t offer) Browser 4G began dominating the market, gaining an edge by offering this unique autofill feature. Most browsers don't come with autofill, as it’s a surprisingly complex feature. So offering the world’s most accurate autofill is a huge KEY to driving return usage, improving your app’s reviews and helping it be as viral as possible (many people found Browser 4G and loved both the browser and the accuracy of the autofill tool and told their friends).


3. Listen to your customers

Zoomob’s development team has released almost 20 versions of Browser 4G since launching, and their app continues to improve with each and every release. Law suggests listening carefully to any negative feedback from users and work hard to change their opinion with new features in your next release. The Zoomob team reviews every comment on the Play Store and responds quickly. In the last 6 months they have seen their average rating improve every time they release a new version.


More on Zoomob

Based in Hong Kong, Zoomob is a mobile solution company that's dedicated to providing innovative mobile products and strategies. They have provided mobile app advice to app developers to enhance their app discovery and maximize downloads. The team at Zoomob strongly believe that enabling the next generation is key to a better future, so in 2015 they set up a scholarship for young entrepreneurs at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

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