Get the most out of Fillr with these Tips & Tricks

Filling out forms on your mobile is a pain in the ass. Fillr is fast and simple, helping you fill out mobile forms at the tap of a button. Here are some tips and tricks to get the most out of Fillr.

Complete profile = faster form filling.

The more info you have in your Fillr profile the more helpful Fillr will be. In order to save thousands of keystrokes and loads of time when filling out forms, complete as much of your Fillr profile today.


Multiple addresses? No problem.

Many web forms you come across have multiple address options. Research shows that around 50% of consumers regularly have shopping delivered to them at work or an address other than their home. So make sure you have your Billing, Postal, Residential and Work addresses entered in your Fillr profile. So next time you're buying something you shouldn’t be, you can choose where you want it sent, ensuring it’s delivered to the right address (phew!).


Use Fillr as a login tool.

Using Fillr is so quick and easy that people are using it to log into their accounts just so they don't have to type out their email address! Can you believe that??? SLACKERS!!! If your email looks more like a sentence without punctuation, you probably don't want to type it out every time you log in either!


No need to memorize credit card details anymore.

With Fillr your info is PIN protected and encrypted on your device and not in the cloud, so why not add all your credit card details to your Fillr profile? You then have the flexibility to pick and choose the right credit card when transacting on your mobile. So when you buy your new Louis Vuitton handbag, you will be sure to use your credit card and not your husband's! ;)


Use Fillr offline (like a secure data wallet).

Fillr can be used offline, so if you don't have phone reception or are travelling and need your credit card, license or passport details, you can retrieve them any time. This saves trying to pull out your passport when you're in the air... Don't you hate having to do that?


Give your email addresses nicknames.

When giving out your email address there’s a time and a place for your email (yes, we all have one of these). By adding nicknames to your email addresses in your Fillr profile, you can quickly and easily identify which email to provide.

Order takeout on the go!

Too lazy to get off the couch to order your takeout? Use Fillr on your favorite takeout delivery mobile website (mmm pizza) and you won’t even have to pull out your wallet! Fillr has your delivery address, contact details and payment information ready to go... try it next time, we know you'll be impressed!


Who have I given my info to?

Just like a bank statement outlining your list of cash transactions, the ‘History’ section in your Fillr app keeps track of the info you have provided and when you provided it. So if any of your details ever change, you’ll know who to update… sweet as bro!