Fillr iPhone Version 0.8.4 - Upgrade Required

If you are one of the few users still on version 0.8.4 of the Fillr iPhone app please keep reading.

Since 0.8.4 we have released a number of updates to the iPhone app. The latest version is 0.9.13. 

0.8.4 relies on an old API that we are sunsetting effective today.  If you remain on 0.8.4 you will experience issues filling forms, so we recommend you upgrade to the latest Fillr version via the App Store asap.

To determine your app version, log in to Fillr and from the hamburger menu select About. The application version should be displayed at the bottom of this screen. If you see 0.8.4 anywhere update Fillr immediately.

Thanks for your continuing use of the Fillr iPhone app! A quick upgrade if you are on the affected version should see your service uninterrupted.