Want to check out faster on mobile? Here are 5 reasons why you need Fillr: Autofill for Mobile

Fillr is the world's most advanced, accurate and reliable autofill on the planet. Here's why:

1. Built for Speed & Accuracy

We’re not just saying we're better, faster and more accurate. We are constantly testing ourselves against other autofill products. You can check out the latest test criteria and results here. Or just try it out for yourself!

2. Fillr gets smarter and smarter

We have manually checked our autofill intelligence on over 100,000+ web forms (and counting). Our algorithms learn from these tests and utilize advanced textural heuristics to read forms as close to human representation as possible. This means our autofill gets more intelligent everyday, building on an ever-expanding knowledge base.

3. Security First

We built Fillr with security as the foundation of everything we do. Your data is stored only on your phone, fully encrypted. We can't access it and we don't want to… meaning neither can the NSA or Facebook.

4. We think choice matters

You don’t always get things shipped to the same address and you don't always use the same credit card to make purchases. With Fillr, CHOOSE which of your information to use whenever you transact. Buying something to surprise your partner? Don't forget to ship it to work!

5. We use what we built

Fillr works because we use it. We’re real people who, just like you, hate filling out forms on mobile. Fillr is built for speed, convenience and making transacting in today's mobile world easier.