Mobile website of the week:

Each week we recommended a mobile website we love. Many sites have a high frequency of return visits where repeating your information over and over manually becomes slow and tedious. However, with Fillr you could fill those forms over and over at a tap of a button. This weeks ‘mobile website of the week' is exactly that:

If you’ve somehow missed it, is a site where people everywhere are starting campaigns, mobilising supporters, and working with decision makers to drive solutions and ultimately change. It’s easy to browse and find multiple petitions to sign. Each of those petitions requires the same information repeated each time, a scenario where using Fillr helps you invoke change faster and more efficiently.

Here at Fillr we are all about change. We want you to change the way you fill mobile forms but we also want to make a difference by supporting great organisations like that are helping people from all over the world express their opinions and be heard.

Below is an example of how you can quickly and easily contribute to change by using Fillr when you next sign petitions. - Fillr vs Manual Input