Booking Tatkal Tickets just got easier thanks to Fillr Autofill for IRCTC

Getting a Tatkal ticket on in the morning is a nightmare for most users. However, booking Tatkal tickets may have just gotten a lot easier!

Introducing Fillr, the world's most intelligent autofill for mobile. Our development team have been working hard to release an update to the iOS and Play stores that offers a dedicated IRCTC section to our Indian user base so you can quickly and easily transact on IRCTC.

Making Tatkal reservations in the morning has been a battle for years, and since the recent update to the serving environment last June, the capacity and ease of use has significantly increased, but with records of over 14,800 tickets per minute being purchased, Fillr helps you secure your ticket faster.

To find out more on Fillr for IRCTC download our recent update from the store and make sure the region on your device is set to India.