Awesome new user dashboard feature!

We just released a new version of our Fillr app (0.8.4). With the new update, Fillr now comes with a great user dashboard, which shows you the number of mobile forms you have filled and the total number of keystrokes you have saved!


By showing the keystrokes you save, the dashboard clearly illustrates the time you would have wasted if you manually typed to fill the forms. The dashboard also shows you how complete your profile is. Remember, the more full your profile is, the more forms you can instantly fill at a tap of a button.

Another cool little feature we added to the Safari extension is a keystroke counter that tells you how many keystrokes you will save just before you hit the “fill” button. What we love about this is that it demonstrates that even if you are just using Fillr to add your first name, last name and email address to a form, you are saving around 30 to 50 keystrokes (even more if you have a stupidly long email address and a name that contains half the alphabet!). If you are completing a typical guest checkout when shopping online then you save around 200 keystrokes! It is another reminder of the time and hassles saved by using our mobile autofill app. 

Besides these visual features we have also made tweaks to our backend form filling technology, which means it has advanced to another level!. It’s now even faster and smarter than our last version and we will continue to work tirelessly on improving more and more.

Thanks again for all your feedback and support. Please let us know what you think of our latest app version and don’t forget to tell us about any forms you come across that we can improve on and we’ll endeavour to fix them. In addition, any feedback regarding user experience in the app and extension are always welcome as we strive to make Fillr better and better.


Chad, CPO & Co-Founder &
Chris, Head of Design