7 MUST-HAVE apps for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas shoppers!

7 MUST-HAVE apps for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas shoppers!

We’re already starting to see Christmas decorations appear in local shopping centers, which means holiday shoppers will soon start planning and buying their Christmas gifts. With so much on from November to December, we all need to be smart with our time and more efficient with our gift buying!

Today we want to share with you some of our favorite new innovative apps to help you plan, budget and purchase your gifts for this Christmas, including great apps to help you land that bargain at events such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Click Frenzy.

Global VCs pile into form-filling start-up

A Melbourne-based start-up that makes filling in online forms easier has raised $5 million from major international venture capitalists.

Read their full article at: http://www.afr.com/technology/fillr-raises-5m-from-softbank-reinventure-and-southern-cross-venture-partners-20161101-gsfwss

Want to check out faster on mobile? Here are 5 reasons why you need Fillr: Autofill for Mobile

Fillr is the world's most advanced, accurate and reliable autofill on the planet. Here's why:

1. Built for Speed & Accuracy

We’re not just saying we're better, faster and more accurate. We are constantly testing ourselves against other autofill products. You can check out the latest test criteria and results here. Or just try it out for yourself!

2. Fillr gets smarter and smarter

We have manually checked our autofill intelligence on over 100,000+ web forms (and counting). Our algorithms learn from these tests and utilize advanced textural heuristics to read forms as close to human representation as possible. This means our autofill gets more intelligent everyday, building on an ever-expanding knowledge base.

3. Security First

We built Fillr with security as the foundation of everything we do. Your data is stored only on your phone, fully encrypted. We can't access it and we don't want to… meaning neither can the NSA or Facebook.

4. We think choice matters

You don’t always get things shipped to the same address and you don't always use the same credit card to make purchases. With Fillr, CHOOSE which of your information to use whenever you transact. Buying something to surprise your partner? Don't forget to ship it to work!

5. We use what we built

Fillr works because we use it. We’re real people who, just like you, hate filling out forms on mobile. Fillr is built for speed, convenience and making transacting in today's mobile world easier.

Dolphin Browser Partners with World's Fastest and Most Accurate Autofill for Mobile

Dolphin browser, commonly regarded as one of the Top Android Browsers by popular sites such as Android Central, now includes Fillr's intelligent autofill technology. Not only more accurate than Google's and Apple's autofill products, Fillr is also faster and smarter.

Autofill within browsers is a vital tool in the effort to reduce web form user abandonment that results from having to repeatedly type personal information. With the majority of online traffic occurring on mobile, this problem is compounded by the frustrations of using small keyboards on tiny forms.

Fillr solves this problem, leveraging sophisticated algorithms to read forms like a human and instantly populating fields with the correct, contextually relevant personal data of its user. "This latest enhancement of our technology takes another step toward solving the core problem of mobile shopping: the fact that 60.6% of all e-retail traffic on the web starts on mobile but only 15.6% actually finishes the transaction on mobile" says Chris Koch, the CEO and co-founder of Fillr. “The partnership with Dolphin is a huge validation of our tech and now Dolphin users will find it even faster and easier to shop on mobile.”

"And Fillr doesn't just make mobile shopping easier," says Co-Founder and Head of Product Chad Stephens. "Fillr is smart enough to read any kind of mobile web form and fill it in for you: like a website login, a whitepaper download request or even a job application. It's super smart and super secure."

The state of autofill technology is stagnant and ready for significant improvement.  Autofill technology offered by others rely on the comparatively limited CPU power of the device and an approach to form field recommendations that is archaic and perennially out of date. Fillr is built from the ground-up for mobile, harnessing a powerful mapping engine, algorithms and machine learning technology to solve a deceptively difficult problem of autofill accuracy.

No other autofill technology comes close to Fillr for accuracy and speed. Recently Fillr was tested against the autofill technology available through Apple's Safari and Google's Chrome mobile browsers. Using the same devices and bandwidth, each autofill product auto filled the credit card checkout forms of the top 10 US mobile e-commerce destinations. In this test, Fillr's autofill earned top marks earning an accuracy rate of 93.8% compared to Safari's 61% and Chrome's 45%. Test criteria and results are available by clicking here: (http://fillr.com/s/accuracy.pdf)

The new version of Fillr also enhances its core product features including:

·  Enhanced Mapping Engine Algorithms -- Developed by analyzing more than half a million web forms and shopping checkouts, the latest version of Fillr utilizes advanced textual heuristics to read forms as close to human representation as possible. If the form changes or utilizes byzantine, broken HTML, the Fillr engine can read it in real time and pre-populate it with 93.8% accuracy.

·  Security and Privacy -- Despite having a cloud based form prediction engine, Fillr user's personal data never leaves their device. It stays local using military-grade 256-bit AES encryption. The latest version of Fillr adds to this with even stricter sandboxing and encryption. The company Fillr has no access to your data and doesn't want it.

·  More Language Coverage -- With this latest release Fillr now supports English, Russian, German, French, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Spanish and Portuguese.

·  Click-reducing Design -- The new version of Fillr takes its already intuitive and simple UI and makes it simpler, further reducing the number of actions it takes to autofill even complicated forms.

·  Choose your identity -- Many users have multiple addresses, emails and credit cards, and depending on whom they are transacting with they may want to easily customize the info they provide. Fillr allows users to choose the right info at the right time to fill forms with accuracy.

The latest version of Fillr is available for free from the App Store on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and on Google Play for all Android devices.

Fillr is also available to use in a growing number of Android & iOS Mobile Browsers. Using Fillr in these browsers is easy - simply tap the Fillr icon on the keyboard when you're on a form.

To view a short video of Fillr in action, see below.

Like something you saw on Instagram? Now you can buy it in a few clicks!

Like something you saw on Instagram? Now you can buy it in a few clicks!

Instagram has quickly become an incredible platform for businesses, bloggers and online retailers to market their products, unfortunately their is significant disconnect between consumers seeing something on Instagram and purchasing due to the painful mobile check out forms. This is no longer a problem with Fillr: autofill for mobile!